Generational Parenting

Generational Parenting ~ An article written by a former student of a therapeutic boarding school The problem with generational parenting is that the world is changing around you while your child is changing as well. It makes it hard to realize that hovering over your child and watching their every move isn't always the [...]

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Coaching or Control ~ Parenting Styles

Written by Wendy L. Riddle – The Family Hope Line Every parent has a ‘style’ of parenting. Some of these styles are healthy and some of them are not. The goal of being a parent is to prepare our children/teens for the real world that they will face. Let’s examine different parenting styles and [...]

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For The Kids

We're so encouraged by the great testimony that God continues to build for one of ministry partners, Clara MacUre. Check out today's blog post and be encouraged that there is always a plan and a hope! From the blog On Faith And Life by Clara MacUre: Photo Courtesy of [...]

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Welcome Clara MacUre, Blogger

Thrilled probably doesn't adequately describe the emotion Wendy and I feel to have this beautiful young woman as a blog writer and ministry partner with The Family Hope Line! We met her in 2008 and stand in awe of the transformation in her life! Please read her bio and welcome Clara MacUre.... Clara MacUre is [...]

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Asking Directions

Asking for directions can be tough for some people. When my husband and I are driving and we've turned around twice, unable to find what we are looking for, my first instinct is to stop and ask for directions. That is not his first instinct though; he says “We can find it.” Sometimes we do [...]

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Be The Driver

Some kids have an internal drive that makes them independent from birth; however my oldest needs an external driver. Someone to push her when she is afraid to try, afraid to fail, or just being lazy. As a parent, I am that driver, even when I feel like the bad guy. At some point in [...]

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This word, relationships, is easy to say, but having a relationship can be very difficult! Often times, we are met with reactions and attitudes from our children that make us want to lash out, or at least lock them in their rooms for a while. But I’ve learned that people do things and get the [...]

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Rules Because Of Love

Does your teenager push boundaries and break rules? Congratulations on having a normal teen! There are systems, laws, and rules set up for our benefit. They are everywhere. We have speed limits to give us restrictions on how fast we can drive, for our safety as well as the safety of others. I don’t particularly [...]

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Same Page . . . Same Book?

As parents it is important that we work together with our spouse. Sometimes we feel like we are not on the same page and sometimes, not even in the same book! However I have learned that no matter how good my parenting playbook looks on paper (or just in my head) the results are not [...]

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Unattainable Perfection

When your child has an off day, you have an opportunity to help her work through emotions. Learning that emotions are o.k. to have, but it's how we act with those emotions that is important. So, Mom and Dad, the next time your child gets an attitude with you or has a disrespectful tone, ask [...]

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