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Rules Because Of Love

Does your teenager push boundaries and break rules? Congratulations on having a normal teen!

There are systems, laws, and rules set up for our benefit. They are everywhere. We have speed limits to give us restrictions on how fast we can drive, for our safety as well as the safety of others. I don’t particularly like that restriction, (I’m looking forward to the day I can drive on the Audubon or the Salt Flats!) but I understand that the speed restriction is there for my benefit.

It’s the same with our teens. They need restrictions. When we restrict ourselves we learn self-control, boundaries, and respect. If we give our kids boundaries, we teach them these things and keep them safe. It is hard to enforce those rules when our child is pushing on those boundaries as hard as they can, but it will be worth it in the long run. Keep on loving them even if you’re uncomfortable in what needs to be done. You can do it! They are worth it!

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Dawn Bauer, founder of The Family Hope Line, is a certified Parent Coach and DISC Certified Behavior Analyst. She personally serves as a family advocate and coach offering support and assistance to parents seeking therapeutic solutions for their struggling teen.

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