Transporting Teens to a New Beginning

Another big concern to parents is “How? How will I get my child from my home into a program?” Fortunately, our staff understands the complexities in this decision and is able to coach you on the importance of contracting with a professional, licensed and highly qualified transport teen. These agents have conducted hundreds of safe transitions and are highly skilled in communicating with one that is struggling so they comply.
The value of a professional transport service is insurmountable when it comes to safely transporting your teen to a program. Family Hope Line is partnered with professional transport agencies that pride themselves in making the transition process extremely simple and smooth for your family. During a transport, the lead agent will remain in communication with you to keep you updated on your adolescent, teen or young adult. This way you have updates as the transport goes on as to how your child is responding and he/she may tell things to the agent that they haven’t said to you. The goal is to make the transport process as therapeutic as possible so your precious son or daughter realizes just how much you truly love them and the goal is to help them stop the downward spiral in their life.
The highly trained agents consist of current and retired law enforcement officers, residential treatment center directors, PCS instructors trained and certified in de-escalation & safe restraints. Each agent is trained to work with your adolescent, teenager or young adult in a way that they immediately feel safe and secure. This allows the transport process to go smoothly and eliminate the chances of running or self-harm.
95% of all enrollments that Family Hope Line assists with require the family to use a professional transport team. Typically emotions are so volatile between the parent and child, that a neutral voice of reason is necessary to make a safe and smooth transition from home to the program.
We know how hard this decision can be so allow our highly qualified advocates to explain this process with you and provide you with answers and comfort in this important and crucial step of transition. We are here to serve and look forward to working with you.


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