Providing HOPE to Families with Struggling Teens

The Family Hope Line, an advocacy and educational, consulting service, provides professional family advocates that are passionate about serving you in your time of need. When you contact The Family Hope Line you will be offered compassion, empathy, understanding, years of experience and most importantly, resources to address the specific needs within your family and for your struggling adolescent, teen or young adult. Each of our advocates has either personally experienced placing one of their own children in a program, was a struggling teen or has worked in therapeutic programs, so they offer a point of relation with each person who calls.
The number one goal of The Family Hope Line is to provide you with resources that offer an environment limiting the exposure to the distractions which prevent teens from focusing on the source of their struggle, their personal values, their goals, their relationships with the family, their academics and their over-all wellbeing.
Our team has discovered through the years that teens carry many layers of hurt…failed expectations, low self-esteem, poor self-image and fears that can often mask their potential and hinder their emotional growth. As a parent, it is difficult to make the tough love decision to enroll your adolescent, teen or young adult into a program, but keep in mind that the temporary pain of physical separation is temporary and a gift of hope offering restoration, reconciliation and peace within the family.
We are living in a generation of instant gratification….fast food, instant messaging, social media, search engines, texting…the list goes on. The resounding message, ‘if you want it, you can have it… instantly’. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t work this way. It takes years of experience to mature, become aware of self, chart a path for personal growth and then set a path to accomplish the goals desired.
For this reason, The Family Hope Line has partnered with various programs located throughout the United States that create an environment which minimizes distractions and reduces the negative influences. In these therapeutic settings, they are able to face their fears, become aware of their unique and individual gifts while learning new tools to make better choices to positively impact their lives emotionally, personally, relationally, academically, physically and spiritually.
Please take a proactive step today…..Consider the options that The Family Hope Line offers in your quest to infuse the necessary equipping of your adolescent, teen or young adult. As parents, it’s only natural to want to prevent our child from being exposed to negative influences; we want to rescue and protect. Unfortunately this prevents valuable life lessons that are necessary for emotional maturity. Instead, allow one of our compassionate advocates to assist you in finding the resource which will empower your child along the path of personal growth and restoration.
Our advocates are only a call away… (760) 501-8336

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