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Dawn Bauer was there for me when my daughter got mixed up with an older boy and ran away from home. She coached me to make the right decision in choosing to send my 14 year old daughter to a boarding school. Women like Dawn are vital to the survival and safety of our youth. She helped me save my daughter’s life. There are no words that could possibly explain how grateful I am.

Parents from Nevada

“Dawn is a diehard advocate for the family (both parents and child) who never quits, won’t give up, and failure is not a part of her vocabulary. Dawn is diligent, detailed, and yet personable. She can relate to parents of struggling teens in ways that are phenomenal. She has a knack, skill, and talent that cannot be matched. Very unique, very invested, and only knows one way… excellence.


Dawn is absolutely amazing. She is an absolute miracle worker.
She has such a way with children and their parents. She made what was a very difficult situation extremely easy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for a second. I admire her and her work tremendously. She is an incredible woman. If anyone would like to speak with me, please feel free. Dawn has my number.


Just a short note to express our gratitude to who you are and what GOD intended for you to do. As a parent advocate you have helped us tremendously on our journey with Nick. You have a true gift and we hope that you continue to help others with your wisdom and understanding. Great news, on 1/27 Nick will have been at T/C for a year and on his way to graduating the program the end of April.
Also, Nick graduated High School last year with his H.S. diploma and just enrolled in College. Nick is taking 2 courses and has made all A’s (100%) on his past 4 tests. I mention this because as you know this was a kid full of attitude who refused to go to school and basically had dropped out of life. The young man we know today has changed and what a pleasure he is to be around. We are ALL so very proud of Nick and his aspirations in life. We just wanted to take this opportunity to once again thank you. If we can ever help you in any way please let us know.

The Mcbride Family

My name is Rebecca and I had the privilege of meeting Dawn Bauer while my daughter attended a program….Dawn is a wonderful woman of God and she is a very loving, compassionate and caring person….She loved the kids and parents alike…She was very knowledgeable about the program and giving of information for us parents. Dawn is very easy to talk to and easy to get along with….Her passion for the kids is amazing and you will be blessed to have her working with you! She will be an asset to you!


Simply put… Dawn Bauer is AMAZING! She is a tireless advocate for both the parent and child; not always an easy balance. Her servant’s heart, coupled with her seemingly endless resources, make her the first and only contact needed when looking for answers to a family’s specific needs for their struggling teen and family.


There is not enough space here to tell you about the integrity, ability and the caring heart of Dawn Bauer. It seems as though thousands of Americans go to work to earn a living. Dawn Bauer goes to work to change lives. There are few people in my life that I have dealt with in a professional setting that we (my wife and I) developed a trust for in such a short period of time. Dawn’s ability has been fueled by her own personal story and experiences that could have affected her in a very negative way, yet Dawn has chosen these experiences to turn her into one of the most successful professional placement counselors that we have ever come in contact with. Being an American that hates clichés’, I am going to step out of my normal realm and use one. If my wife and I were starting a company tomorrow, Dawn would be our “FIRST ROUND PICK” in the draft! We would recommend Dawn Bauer to any organization in this country looking for a consummate professional!


Dawn Bauer was the voice on the end of a phone line that listened, encouraged, advised and prayed with me. I was a very scared mother, looking for a lifeline to save my 15 year old daughter’s life. Dawn is equipped with the knowledge, compassion and guidance that lead us to the program that would do exactly that – save our girl. Our daughter is now living a solid, productive life and moving towards an amazing future, and the reason is that very first contact with Dawn. Reaching out to strangers was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, not really knowing where to turn or what my options were. Dawn became our advocate in helping us to make a hard, yet truly life-changing decision, and I will be eternally grateful. Without a doubt, with her advocating for Family Hope Line, Dawn Bauer is doing exactly what God has called her to do. God Bless You, Dawn, and thank you!

Teri Fyfe

I would trust Dawn with my life and that of my family. If it wasn’t for her giving heart and sound advice the future of my family would have certainly taken a different direction. Dawn is a rare individual who works from her heart with a unique blend of faith and intelligence rarely felt or seen in this busy world we live in. Much love and hope that you continue doing and sharing your gifts with others.


One of the hardest struggles any program that is focused on helping troubled youth faces is working with the parents from a distance. True long-term life change only occurs when the family is involved in the change.

When I first met Dawn Bauer, I quickly found her to be an excellent Parent Advocate and Admissions Representative for the Highlands Teen Challenge Kansas City Girls Home. She was truly amazing at helping each family find just the right fit for their daughter. I honestly thought that you could not find a better fit for Dawn’s abilities and passion. But Thankfully, I was wrong. There was an additional role she was able to provide to fill the gap in family restoration between the residents and their parents.

Dawn’s certification as a Parent Coach became an integral part of our program. Each parent that enrolled was required to complete 6 hour long sessions with Dawn. We began to see real change in our parent’s actions and thoughts. What was even more amazing is the accelerated change we began to see in the young ladies in our care. Through Parent Coaching, Dawn Bauer was impacting families in a way that was life changing and sustainable. The quality of the program at the Highlands Teen Challenge Kansas City Girls Home had always been high, but with the addition of Dawn Bauer as our Parent Coach the program became truly excellent”.

Doug Anderson, former Executive Director of Highlands Teen Challenge

It’s a great pleasure to partner with Dawn, we have met 7 years ago since then She became a faithful supporters to our Ministry, She have helped in diversity programs and always when it most needed. Thank you to Family Hope Line for bringing hope and a better future in Haiti through your lovely gift support. Thank you, we are grateful.

Gods Chosen Ones Ministries

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