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Stacy Holmes

Stacy lives in Michigan with her husband and three children. She has been trained in relational communication and is a certified True Colors Facilitator and Parent Coach. She is involved in her church both on the worship team and in the youth group. Stacy has been working closely with teens and families since 2005 at a short term program in her home state. She works as their mentorship director and teaches the parenting session that the program provides. Stacy works with the teens and their families both in group settings and on an individual basis. She is currently working to offer parenting classes to the communities in her state.

In her life, relationships are most important; with her husband, kids, and God first and foremost. She strives to live a life that shows others how much God loves them. During her time working with families, Stacy has learned strong boundaries with the teens that come through the program and has been able to carry that over into her own home. In addition to her own three children, Stacy and her husband have opened their home and hearts to being a foster parent.

Stacy is an avid reader and has a thirst for knowledge, especially when that knowledge can help others. The direction she takes when working with people is that everyone comes from different walks of life, backgrounds and trainings; it is important to help people where they are, without judgment, to shift a family dynamic that is not working and to steer youth in a positive direction. It is Stacy’s desire to help families in any way she can.

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