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Wendy Riddle

Wendy has over 23 years’ experience in parent and family advocacy. In her many years in the therapeutic industry, she has served as an Admissions Director for a therapeutic boarding school, director of girl’s program, served as a family restoration specialist, parent coach, mentor, and most recently as an independent advocate. Wendy is also a certified Love and Logic Instructor, as well as, serving as a Court Appointed Special Advocate. Wendy worked within the court system as a Parent Coach, facilitating parenting coaching for families at risk of losing their child. When it comes to working with struggling teens and their families, Wendy has seen every level of struggle and is uniquely qualified to understand the emotional struggle of the parent and the child.
Wendy personally understands the struggles of a hurting family as she has seen both sides of the dynamics. Wendy struggled greatly in her childhood and teen years, plus raised a daughter that experienced personal struggles in her adolescence and teen years. The personal impact of having been born into a home where drugs were abused, which created the need for her to be adopted, also created struggles that presented themselves at many different stages in her life as well as having her own personal experience as a parent of a struggling teen. With combined personal and professional experience, Wendy is able to relate to all sides of the needs of a family she serves.
Wendy is passionate in her calling to serve struggling families. She uses this passion to drive her to ensure that every family is treated with compassion, love and empathy. As a mother of two adult children, two step-children, and one grandchild that is a cancer survivor, Wendy understands the complex issues that families struggle with. Wendy has a unique gift in understanding what a teen in today’s world needs and uses this to help open up the communication lines with the teen and their family. Wendy has worked with thousands of hurting families and struggling teens in her career as well as her own children. She is uniquely qualified to assist your family in your struggles as well.


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