Unattainable Perfection

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Unattainable Perfection

When your child has an off day, you have an opportunity to help her work through emotions. Learning that emotions are o.k. to have, but it’s how we act with those emotions that is important.

So, Mom and Dad, the next time your child gets an attitude with you or has a disrespectful tone, ask them if they need to talk. One approach may be to simply say, “Son, you are usually really respectful. I’m sure you didn’t mean to take that tone with me. What’s going on?”

This approach gives you an opportunity to strengthen your relationship and train your son or daughter on appropriate ways to handle big upsets.


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Dawn Bauer, founder of The Family Hope Line, is a certified Parent Coach and DISC Certified Behavior Analyst. She personally serves as a family advocate and coach offering support and assistance to parents seeking therapeutic solutions for their struggling teen.

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