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When seeking treatment options outside of the home, there may need to be a combination of programs. Wilderness Programs have proven to be an incredibly effective tool in treatment as a 1st step program before transitioning an adolescent or teen into a Residential Treatment Center or a Therapeutic Boarding School. Wilderness Programs have also been proven to possibly offer an alternative to a residential setting as the only program option.

Wilderness Programs are designed to treat males and females by focusing on a wide range of emotional, behavioral, academic, social and relational issues while also focusing on specific diagnosis, such as depression, substance abuse, anxiety, personality disorders, attention deficits and oppositional/defiant behaviors. Through adventure based activities a student is able to face new challenges in a varied environment which allows one-on-one coaching and mentoring dealing with the specific emotions evoked while in a drastically different environment but yet still emotionally challenging.

One of the biggest challenges with adolescents, teens and young adults is finding a way to overcome their fears. With adventure based therapy in a wilderness program, they are able to meet each challenge, struggle and experience they encounter with the support of an experienced therapist and skilled field guides that are trained to provide a nurturing environment that focuses on building life skills, strengthening character development, fostering self-confidence and learn to better manage their anxiety, anger, conflict in relationships, trust, communication and an overall sense of who they are as an individual.

The goal is to equip the student with the ability to make better choices so they are capable of preparing for their future. These programs focus on dynamically challenging students so they are equipped to problem solve, bring more personal awareness, learn to respect, foster better communication skills, offer sobriety, increase responsibility and offer healing from traumatic experiences that may have contributed to the downward spiral. Once the student has more self-confidence and have increased life skills they are more capable of making healthy life choices. Student learn firsthand through challenges in the field the value of patience, persistence, patience, & teamwork in order to find more individual freedom and sense of pride as an individual.

To learn more about opportunities to enroll your child in a Wilderness Program, please call (760) 501-8336 and speak to an advocate…

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