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Family Hope Line was established to provide confidential and personable assistance to parents which are seeking therapeutic options for their struggling adolescent, teenager or young adult. Our team of professional Advocates and Educational Consultants has over 15 years’ experience individually in working with families in crisis. Accumulatively, that means they offer a true point of relation by meeting each caller at their specific point of need, learning about the area of struggle through a confidential assessment and then offering assistance in locating the resource that will address that need.
Family Hope Line is passionate about serving the families that contact us. When a placing a call, the parents are typically emotionally exhausted from the negative patterns that have developed in the home which have created an unmanageable and downward spiral of the relationships within their home, but are also impacting their child’s personal and academic life. They have typically sought counseling, support groups or services through a church, school or community outreach but are simply not seeing positive results.
Dawn Bauer, a family advocate, certified parent coach and founder of The Family Hope Line, has been in that position. In 2007, she was faced with the decision to look beyond traditional therapy and seek out of home placement for one of her son’s. She has experienced the overwhelming task of searching numerous programs offered on-line, realizing that appropriate resources aren’t always located within your city or even state and then taking that final step in making a decision. During the course of her son’s placement she turned her passion of advocating for abused children through the court system into a full time career of assisting families as an Admissions Director and then two years later stepped out in faith to form the Family Hope Line.
Through the years, Family Hope Line has partnered with various types of programs to insure that each caller would be offered not only help, but hope! Their number one priority is offering support, encouragement and assistance. There are a few steps that will need to be taken to ensure that each child’s best interest are served on many levels, academically, emotionally, physically, relationally, socially and spiritually. If you are living with an adolescent, teenager or young adult that is trapped in destructive patterns or behaviors and traditional therapy hasn’t been able to completely address the need, please call our toll free (760) 501-8336 to speak with one of our advocates.
If you are calling in the evening or weekend, please complete the CONFIDENTIAL ASSESSMENT so that the information can be shared with one of our team members and they will respond promptly.


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