This word, relationships, is easy to say, but having a relationship can be very difficult!
Often times, we are met with reactions and attitudes from our children that make us want to lash out, or at least lock them in their rooms for a while. But I’ve learned that people do things and get the opposite reaction from what they really want.

Kids yell and give attitude, but they really want their parents to fight for them. Parents have a tendency to let things go because “it’s not worth the fight that I know is coming” or we fight to control; not allowing our kids to feel the consequences of their actions because “if they’re not going to follow my rules, they’re not going to do anything.”

These are two extremes that lead to rebellion and depression in our children. Please don’t rob your son or daughter of consequences by not giving enough boundaries for them to bump into or having so much control that they can’t do anything outside of arguing with you in order to feel the consequences.

Our kids need our unconditional love. They feel that most when we set up clear boundaries and consequences, but at the end of each day we tell them how much we love them by spending time building the relationship.

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Dawn Bauer, founder of The Family Hope Line, is a certified Parent Coach and DISC Certified Behavior Analyst. She personally serves as a family advocate and coach offering support and assistance to parents seeking therapeutic solutions for their struggling teen.

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